XForms stuff

You can find the Quickstart Manual here.

You can find the GTK-server Tutorial here.

There is another (outdated) tutorial with Scriptbasic here.

You can find the GTK-server manual page here.

You can find the "gtk-server.cfg" manual page here.

For more information, please check out the GTK-server forum at:

Mark Carter's tutorial for CLisp here.

Leonardo Cecchi's instructions how to compile the GTK-server in MacOSX are here.

The GTK-server mailinglist archives contain a lot of information too: archives

The complete GTK 1 documentation here.

The complete GDK 1 documentation here.

The complete GLIB 1 documentation here.


My unoffical XForms distribution here. It is the 1.0 sourcepackage from Savannah with patched sources so compilation with newer GCC versions works.


  1. Download and bunzip2 the XForms package.
  2. Go into the newly created sourcedirectory. To create all makefiles run:

    xmkmf -a

  3. Now run 'make' and after that 'make install'.

I have compiled this package with XFree 6.8, 6.9 and Xorg 7.x successfully. After installation of XForms it is possible to compile the GTK-server with XForms as a backend by running the 'configure'-script of GTK-server as follows:

./configure --with-xforms

After compilation and installation change the 'gtk-server.cfg' file so it points to the XForms libraries.

The complete XForms documentation here.

Code samples
  • Drawing on a canvas (newLisp) here.

  • Drag and Drop (newLisp) here.

  • Scrolled text in a label (newLisp) here.

  • Colored widgets (newLisp) here.

  • Using the Poppler library (Kornshell) here.

And now for something completely different


My article about the design of the GTK-server. This article has appeared in SDJ Extra! and was translated into German, Spanish, Polish and French. Best read with AbiWord.