Demonstration Programs

All Graphical User Interfaces on this page can be programmed with any of the tested scripting- or interpreted languages mentioned here. The programs themselves however may require additional functionality specific to the used language.

All programs created by me unless stated otherwise (remove the "nospam" for a valid mailaddress).

Some screenshots contain links to syntax highlighted sourcecode, for easy reading. More GTK-server programs with newLISP can be found here.

  • An internet radio program to play MP3 streams in BASH. This program can be found in the latest source package, also the Kornshell version. It demonstrates the use of the Highlevel Universal GUI (HUG). I am actually using this program to listen to internet radio channels. Linux screenshot:




  • Tetris programmed with BASH. This program can be found in the 2.3.1 package, also the Kornshell version. It demonstrates the use of the Highlevel Universal GUI (HUG). Linux and MacOSX screenshot (MacOSX needs 2.3.1):

  • An ObexFTP frontend using bluetooth created with BASH. Screenshot:

  • My handy TooL program with Kornshell or BASH. Now you always have an interface which memorizes your tools and options! Win32 users can download my "run.exe" here. Screenshot:


  • By popular demand a demonstration with BASH. This launcher should make your gaming life easy. Should work with xMame and SDLmame. Linux screenshots:

  • Rip your favorite television programs with this simple VCR frontend, programmed in KornShell. Linux screenshot:


  • A calculator written in Pawn created by Thiadmer Riemersma. Linux screenshot:


  • An unbeatable TicTacToe written in GNU Prolog. The XForms version is here, adjust the GTK-server configfile to use the XForms libraries. Linux, Windows, Xforms and MacOSX screenshot:


  • A fractal drawer. It shows the ability of the GTK-server to work with a drawing canvas. Programmed completely with Kornshell93. The ZShell version is here. The newLisp version is here.


  • A quick and dirty CD Player using CDDA2WAV, so audio is rendered to your soundcard. Inspired by the lack of a standalone CD player in the XFCE 4.2 windowmanager. Programmed with KSH.

    Screenshot with Dutch locale:

  • A ROT13 converter to convert strings with the ROT13 algorithm. Programmed with Yabasic. The Windows screenshot is smaller because of the applied WIMP theme to GTK.

  • A time program to display the time in a different way. Written in newLisp. Linux, Windows and MacOSX screenshot: